Lauren Ruffin teacher for Zoo Labs course on how to set up your business and look professional

Your Instructor: Lauren Ruffin

"What is an LLC? Do I need one? Why?"

This course is the no-stress guide to answer all those intense ‘adulting’ questions that make you feel like you’re way out of your league. Honestly, you’re right where you need to be!

Lauren is the expert to give you the no-bullshit basics on why these business systems exist and how you can take advantage of them to increase your opportunities. 

Disclaimer: This course contains explicit language

”By the end of this course you’ll know all you ever wanted to know and more about incorporating your business” 

- Lauren Ruffin

What You'll Learn

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  De-mystifying Setting Up your Business
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Lauren Ruffin makes setting up your business fun and simple
All the Things You Have to Do but Don't Want to

Liabilities, assets, and taxes - oh my! The world of business has specific rules that the government sets. Yeah, yeah - it sucks! But - it’s also important to know your options so you can maneuver with confidence & know that you’re not getting screwed over. 

mapping your assets so you can better decide what business entity to be
Asset Mapping

Practice laying out all the valuable treasures, talents, and people that already exist inside of your company today - so you can see what you still need tomorrow.

WOC shares their experience building a company that has all their paperwork in order

Featured Artists

WOC is a woman of color-owned and operated nonprofit that helps women of color enter and excel in the music industry. After many years of not being taken seriously, WOC created a business structure that elevated their own creative work and how they connect with other dope talent. 

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