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Your Instructor: Miles Dotson

Success as a creative entrepreneur is about building repeatable processes

Some call it product market fit - others call it the hardest part of starting a business. Whatever you call it, you have to validate your assumptions in order to find traction and be confident that your idea will flourish.  

How do you validate? How do you know if your traction is real (leading to more fans and more money)? 

Miles will help you build a repeatable process so you can get to your 'ah-ha' moment as quickly as possible.

You've got to test what you're doing to know if you're making something people will like.

miles dotson of devland ventures takes about MVP to PMF with zoo labs LEARN
Multitudes of Knowledge

From on-stage, to behind the scenes, to launching products for global tech companies, Miles has years of experience developing products and growing ventures.

zoo labs learns small validations to traction form
From Idea to Venture

Miles will walk you through using the Idea Map and Venture Design Recipe - tools he designed to help you clearly communicate your idea & learn if it will gain traction.

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