Mashama Thompson, 510 media creative director and lecturer for Zoo Labs The power of story course

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Mashama Thompson

Excel your brand with

empathy & observation

A leader in media and branding, Mashama takes a different approach to branding by mixing playful energy with anthropology and neuroscience to increase your brand’s value for you and your customers. Start with this foundational course to build a strong story for your business or project. 

"I always think about marketing as showing up, seeking to serve people with empathy, and delivering value to them."

- Mashama Thompson

Mashama lecturing at his studio in oakland on how story telling creates powerful brands
Humans Make Sense of the World Through Storytelling

“Focus on what your audience desires and build your brand story from their perspective.” - Mashama

interactive worksheets to help you gain empathy and drive your brand story home
Simple and Relevant

Mashama will invite you to answer some questions to help simplify your message and narrow down who it's for. This course's worksheets will help you build a robust and repeatable brand story.

Emily Afton shares her experience building her brand
Featured Artist

Emily Afton stems all of her offerings from her cohesive brand story. Listen to how she got there and what you can do to make the story you tell shine through.

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