Mark Searle Understanding your Fans with Zoo Labs Learn

Your Instructor: Mark Searle

Being a successful entrepreneur means mastering a balance between having confidence in your creations, while keeping your ego in check.

Mark Searle is what they call a serial entrepreneur - meaning he’s created businesses that have made lots of money... and others that totally failed. Now a professor at UC Berkeley's Entrepreneurship & Technology Center, he shares the lessons he’s learned along the way on why it’s so important to understand your fans - and how you can do it properly. 

Understanding WHO

your fans are is powerful.

Understanding WHY

they love you is magic.

Mark Searle Understanding your Fans with Zoo Labs Learn
True Connection

Mark discusses the Creator's Dilemma (to sell or to sell out?), and gives straightforward advice on how to share your creations with the world AND create true impact.

Understanding your fans starts with customers interviews. Learn with Zoo Labs - artists business

To really understand your fans you have to talk to them. Practice testing your hypotheses around which Customer Segments have the most to gain from your Value Proposition.

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