Your Instructor: Bosko Kante

Learn how to sell your ideas through the art of Pitching 

Why does pitching matter? A question we once heard from Bosko Kante - Zoo Labs alum, music producer, inventor, and CEO of Electrospit. Since attending the Zoo Labs accelerator in 2014, Bosko has turned his fear of pitching into an art! He has pitched to thousands of people in person, online, and onstage - and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his startup. Listen to his story and his pro tips so you can also raise money for your endeavors. 

Bosko will teach you how to craft a stellar pitch so you can get the resources you need to make your career goals a reality.

Real Examples

Bosko is a world leading talkboxer, producer, and artist. You’ll learn how he went from working with Kanye West to creating the world’s first tubeless talkbox. 


We'll give you the tools you need to put these concepts into action with your own project.

Pro Tips

"Pitching is a performance - it can be like performing a song. And as we all know, as musicians, the more you practice, the easier it is to perform a song."

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