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Zoo Labs: LEARN is specially curated information you need to succeed. You’ll hear lessons learned by artists who have been in your shoes. 

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You’ll see how experts have innovated in their fields and built a foundation for you to turn concepts into a practice that’ll boost your career. 

Define Your Own Success

Don’t just talk about it -- be about it! The work you do online is only the beginning. Take your skills to the next level by forging your own path towards whatever success means to you.

"I've been taking advantage of the Zoo Labs LEARN courses, which I'm very, very grateful for.

I feel like I'm one of those artists who's so consumed in their art, it's kind of hard to consider a lot of the business aspects of the profession until it's too late..."

- Joshua Icban: Firebird School of Music & Arts

Joshua Icban musician testimonial
Erinn Knight artist advocate creative coach

"The information I learned from Zoo Labs is 98% responsible for how I think and conduct my businesses today."

- Erinn Knight: creative coach, artist advocate, entrepreneur, co-host of the Music Entrepreneur Club

"Because of Zoo Labs our internal conversations have changed. We're now talking about the business and the strategy for each release."

- Shammy Dee: Shoes & Socks

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Q: What’s the deal with Zoo Labs, and what is LEARN?

A: Zoo Labs started in Oakland, CA in 2013 with a vision to build startup entrepreneurship infrastructure that did not exist around artists. Since then, Zoo Labs has run 26 residencies, assembling a strong and vibrant community of artists and mentors. Our alums have reported raising on average $30,000 for their small businesses and were able to hire an average of 10 people. In 2021 we transitioned to a fully virtual organization, translating our in-person accelerator curriculum into free online creative entrepreneurship courses, called Zoo Labs: LEARN. This new library of artist-tailored educational content will remove barriers to access, dramatically expanding our capacity to help educate & invest in more artists.

Q: Who are the Zoo Labs: LEARN courses for?

A: Musicians, artists, managers, indie labels, and anyone ready to turn their artistic practice into a sustainable business. 

Q: How much does a Zoo Labs course cost?

A: It’s free of charge! We know how inaccessible and expensive education and skill development can be. Our goal is to remove as many roadblocks as possible so you can gain the highest degree of self development. 

Q: Who teaches Zoo Labs courses?

A: A plethora of entrepreneurship experts, Bay Area artists, industry pros, and long-time Zoo Labs mentors. If you're interested in teaching please fill out our "Pitch to be a LEARN Instructor" form.

Q: What do I get for completing a Zoo Labs course?

A: Tons of new knowledge. More confidence. A huge professional advantage… and a certificate of completion!

Q: I have a suggestion for a subject not covered in the current course offerings - how can I share it?

A: We love hearing what you want to learn. Please email us at [email protected] with subject: “LEARN course suggestion”

Q: How long does it take to complete a course? 

A: On average, each course has about 45 minutes of video content with your instructor. The activities, worksheets, and practices will take you longer - think of them as on-going exercises as you continue to learn & build. This isn’t passive learning you can just turn on and ignore - be prepared to give your focus and take full advantage of the experiential elements designed for you to apply to your own life and art.

Q: Do I have to take all of the courses? 

A: No, you can choose which courses interest you. BUT, if you want to be a super star and start leveling up your business, we suggest you enroll in all the courses.

Q: I'm having trouble getting a video to play or advancing to the next lesson in a course I enrolled in - what should I do? 

A: This is probably caused by a technical glitch between your browser and Teachable's video player. Please visit our help page for a list of troubleshooting options that should fix the problem!

We'll let you know when more courses are added to the Zoo Labs: LEARN library.