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Your Instructor: Maaike Doyer

This course will help you gain clarity on how every aspect of your business is interconnected -
so you can see what's working,
and what may need to change.

Maaike is the expert to help you lay out all the moving pieces and ideas to see if you’re on the track to building a successful business. She’ll teach you about a cool tool we love called the Business Model Canvas. With this tool, you’ll be able to see the full picture of what you’re making, why you’re making it, who it’s for, and what you need to drive success. 

Maaike will help you organize your essential resources while uncovering the truth in how you generate value for your fans and earn money.

maaike doyer global expert on business model innovation
Global Expert

Maaike is a global leader in Business Model Innovation. She has extensive experience in strategy development, organizational (re)design, integration & transformation projects, mainly for multinational organizations.

business model canvas for creatives from business model innovation
Our Favorite Tool

Don’t sleep on using the Business Model Canvas. It will take you far.

honey gold jasmine headshot for zoo labs learn, creative business models interview with maaike doyer. understanding the essence and power of your offerings
Hear Why Artists Love It

Honey Gold Jasmine shares how the canvas has helped her pivot and grow her business.

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